When someone uses a term like “data wiring,” it can be confusing: Are they talking about installing physical cables? Or is it something else entirely? Increasingly it’s the latter (although don’t be afraid to double-check – there are no stupid questions!), and if that’s the case then it’s an altogether more complicated problem: How to deploy, configure and provision all of your hardware (sensors, handhelds, smart tools, controllers and other devices) and software (3D models, data lakes, engineering systems, planning and scheduling tools, and so many more) to talk to each other? Is it even possible to have them working from the same data without manually copying and pasting?

The answer is “Yes!” and there’s a whole host of ways to do it. Unfortunately, the problem with a lot of solutions is that they’re expensive, impractical, unrealistic, inflexible or require a complete overhaul of your existing ways of working. The good news is there are other solutions that are exactly the opposite; they can be quickly and easily implemented, they scale appropriately to your asset both in terms of performance and cost, they’re flexible enough to adapt as your project/asset changes, they provide a seamless and multi-directional transfer of information automatically, and they allow you to continue using all of the tools and solutions you already know and love. Simply put, they take the hassle, the hardship and the sheer volume of man-hours out of managing all of your systems of record, and unlock new automation opportunities and unrealised insights.

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on something like that, then you’re in the right place: Get in touch with Silverhorse today and we can show you how our Intelligent Data Hub can solve your data wiring challenges. Better, faster. Now.

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Each solution is going to be made by a different manufacturer and provider so there is no incentive for them to make the applications really talk to each other.

Hi, I’m Josh Goolnik, I’m the Vice President of Global Projects at Silverhorse Technologies and I’m here to talk to you about data wiring.

When we talk about data wiring, what we talk about is making connections between different solutions, particularly different technology solutions. We could be talking about communication between different databases and data links. We could also be talking about bringing IoT sensor information into the free model to help make it into a true digital twin.

The problem is, there’s not a lot of data wiring out there and each solution is going to be made by a different manufacturer and a different provider so there is no intent for them to make their applications talk to each other. Luckily, there is a solution and that solution is our Intelligent Data Hub, it works seamlessly in the background with all of your existing technology to provide you with that data wiring. By wiring all these solutions together you finally get a true digital twin experience, you get transparency across the entire lifecycle of your asset and you get efficiency, making sure that all the information is consistent.