Silverhorse Technologies has secured a new contract with Upstream Production Solutions (UPS) to provide its Completions Connect technology platform to support the management and execution of hazardous area inspections for the Northern Endeavour FPSO.

The Connect system will be utilised to generate campaign inspections for all hazardous equipment and will provide simplified building of inspection work packs.

Inspection work packs created in Completions Connect will be synchronised with our Inspection Connect mobile application to allow inspectors access to information on a mobile device. Inspection Connect is an application that runs on intrinsically safe mobile tablets and once populated with packaged work does not require internet access until the work is completed and the inspector wishes to pass that work back to Completions Connect.

Completions Connect was chosen for its flexibility to adapt project requirements into the system and simplify the execution of inspection processes to improve work efficiency, standardise common tasks and improve data capture, accessibility and transparency/reporting.

The win with UPS comes shortly after securing a contract for the implementation of Completions Connect to manage hazardous area inspections for the PTTEP operated Montara FPSO.