Users of Completions Connect (CC) will see their popular completions and commissioning software empowered by a host of new features thanks to an advanced data engine developed by digital transformation specialists, Silverhorse Technologies.

The AssetHive data engine is what gives CC its new name, AssetHive Lite, and it comes as a free upgrade for existing clients. The engine derives from Silverhorse’s main AssetHive platform that is already transforming operational efficiency on large assets across Australia by means of digitalised workflows.

AssetHive Lite will of course continue to deliver the safety, stability and control over project data and processes that saw CC chosen to govern a number of construction projects across Australia. That proven and trusted user experience is now further enhanced with a host of new features that can be customised to deliver maximum value to both new and existing clients.

CC’s rebirth as AssetHive Lite will also provide clients with the option to take all the valuable data that has been cleansed and harmonised during the project stage and hand over seamlessly to operations via the main AssetHive data management platform, where it can keep on delivering value.

Big step forward

“The evolution of Completions Connect into AssetHive Lite marks a big step forward for Silverhorse as our business continues to grow at pace,” said Silverhorse Technologies CEO Raymond Weeda.

“AssetHive Lite will continue to do the core job of digitalising completions and commissioning in a safe and stable way that gives decision makers full control. But it’s also going to add greater functionality and a lot more flexibility thanks to all these additional features. So we’re expecting it to be a hit with our customers who’ve shown such support for Completions Connect over the years.”


Mr Weeda hopes that AssetHive Lite will encourage clients to see the untapped value in all their gathered and harmonised project data. “If our customers decide they want to digitally transform operations as well, then great because AssetHive Lite is going to make handover to the full AssetHive asset management platform pretty seamless. And that’s where the magic really happens, with data insights flowing via workflows to decision makers on the ground in a way that drives all kinds of operational efficiency gains.”

New features

AssetHive Lite introduces a new Controls function that allows users to impose restraints on activities based on dependencies. Activities which require permits are just one example of how this function can be applied to the execution of work and management of scope in a way that enhances governance.

Another AssetHive Lite innovation is the Relationships function which enables users to create non-hierarchical linkages between objects, events and activities. A practical example of this would be relating a group of anomalies or defects with the single activity that repaired them. The anomaly can also be linked to an external central register to enable tracking of the close out.

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