If you’ve found yourself searching through spreadsheets, digging through emails or being driven mad by databases, you’re not alone. Many business owners have heard the term ‘going digital’ but don’t know where to start, what it really means or what the benefits are. Often these questions paralyse organisations and prevent them from making progress toward modernisation or leave them with stop-start initiatives and competing solutions that offer little value. Taking steps towards digitalisation can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be cumbersome.

Digitalisation is the process of transforming business operations by embracing the use of digitised data in order to improve productivity and increase revenue. It incorporates the process of adapting old business models to new technologies and capitalises on the potential of digital technology to collect data, identify patterns and aid in making smarter business decisions.

At Silverhorse Technologies, we have the tools and expertise to help you digitise your business. Our Intelligent Data Hub (IDH) seamlessly integrates your existing hardware and software solutions, meaning there’s no need to change the tried-and-tested systems you already use. IDH works in the background to break down information silos, unlock new insights and drive major efficiencies. Time spent locating the information required to make significant decisions is virtually eliminated, while the ability to exploit organisation-wide transparency ensures collaboration and coordination becomes effortless.

We believe that harmonising your ecosystem and connecting, cleansing and directing your data enables a fully digitalised workflow. We’ll help you uncover new possibilities to make better, faster business decisions that will empower your team to achieve more and deliver real business value.
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Hi I’m Josh Goolnik and I’m Vice President of Global Projects at Silverhorse. 

I’m here to talk to you today about digitalisation. Now, it sounds a lot like digitisation but they’re two different terms. Digitisation is taking information and turning it into stat data, so you’re entering it into some sort of software tool. Digitalisation is about making sure that information is being captured in real-time and updating in real-time too. 

A lot of people aren’t sure where to start when it comes to digitalisation but there is an answer. You need a piece of software that will live in the background and manage the coordination of data. It will do the orchestration, it’ll make sure the data being recorded is being updated in real-time and we offer the solution at Silverhorse – it’s the intelligent data hub.