The “connected world” has been used to describe our ever-increasing reliance on digital technologies and the information they provide. Silverhorse utilises Industry 5.0 advancements in our AssetHive IDH technology that captures and harmonises real-time data from multiple sources. From here, meaningful insights can be generated to optimise people-based workflows.

Industry 5.0, also known as the “Smart Factory,” represents the next step in the evolution of manufacturing. It builds on the foundations of Industry 4.0, which introduced concepts such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the use of data analytics to optimise production processes. Industry 5.0 expands upon these ideas by integrating cutting-edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as more sophisticated automation like robots and drones.

In an Industry 5.0 environment, machines and devices are connected through the IIoT, allowing them to communicate with each other and exchange data in real time. This enables them to more effectively coordinate their efforts and make decisions based on real-time information which increases their productivity and adaptability. Additionally, cutting-edge analytics and AI methods may be applied to enhance manufacturing process optimisation and quality control. Examples include machine learning algorithms which can be used to predict maintenance needs, detect defects, and optimise production schedules.

The use of robots and other forms of advanced, cutting-edge automation is also a significant aspect of Industry 5.0. Tasks requiring extreme accuracy or speed may now be completed with the help of such technology, as can those that are too risky or difficult for people. In addition, the use of drones and other aerial vehicles is becoming increasingly common in Industry 5.0, with applications ranging from inspection and maintenance to delivery and logistics.

The ultimate objective of Industry 5.0 is to develop a manufacturing system that is more dynamic, responsive, and productive so that it can adapt to evolving market demands. The “Smart Factory” is expected to have a major impact on the way goods are produced and distributed, and to create new opportunities for businesses and employees. Some of the key benefits of Industry 5.0 include increased productivity, improved quality, reduced costs, and greater flexibility.

How Silverhorse can help your business

AssetHive IDH seamlessly bridges the gap between digital strategy and operational efficiency by facilitating improvements in productivity and profitability, without compromising safety.

Using a 3D digital twin of your physical assets, AssetHive IDH produces quantifiable data to improve the efficiency of your workforce and empowers your team to make consistently better, quicker and more informed decisions.

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