Silverhorse Technologies has announced it will continue its support for building positive economic and social outcomes for the Aboriginal community of Mowanjum in the Kimberley.

Established in 2007, the Boab Network is a volunteer run organisation which operates on the value of relationships and two-way learning.

It was formed to support indigenous youth and has since expanded to support the community in additional areas such as employment, education, housing and maintenance.

Silverhorse has financially contributed to the Network since 2010, helping the group to drive positive social and economic change at Mowanjum.

“We are thrilled to extend our support to the Boab Network and we are committed to helping the Mowanjum community to be socially and economically empowered,” said Silverhorse CEO Raymond Weeda.

“As a Western Australian-based company we feel we have a duty to help those in our community who are most in need.”

Aboriginals are some of the most vulnerable people in the Australian community experiencing depression (52 per cent) and anxiety (59 per cent) at much higher levels than non-Aboriginal Australians (32 per cent and 47 per cent)1.

In a bid to keep the young people in the community engaged during times when fewer organised activities are available, the Network has introduced school holiday programs which provide opportunities for the children to visit Perth and their traditional country.

Silverhorse has flagged deeper engagement with the Network into the future, sponsoring volunteers to go to the Kimberley and supporting trips for children to visit Perth.

“Silverhorse aims to build a longstanding relationship with Mowanjum and the Boab Network to create genuine two-way learning experiences between our staff and the community,” Mr Weeda said.

“We look forward to growing together and helping to bring about positive social and economic change.”

The Boab Network was formed by a group from the All Saints Floreat Uniting Church in 2007.

It is run on donations from Western Australian businesses and support from volunteers of different ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

The Network welcomes the support of donations and volunteers to help realise their goals.

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