Jake Stride, a Global Technology Lead at Microsoft has been appointed CEO of Silverhorse Technologies as the Perth-based business transitions from engineering software to advanced data hub solutions. Stride’s deep expertise in digitally transforming heavy industries, in collaboration with Silverhorse’s landmark success enabling $1bn of efficiency savings at a Gas Plant in Western Australia currently scaling out across a number of Woodside assets, will prove a valuable asset for the future of the company.


Silverhorse chair, Stuart McLeod, believes that Stride’s experience and skillset are a perfect match for the company’s push towards intelligent data hub technologies that connect IoT and big data to major projects and operations. The AssetHive data hub also enables seamless synchronicity and interaction with clients’ ecosystems without disrupting existing processes. Stride’s experience will work harmoniously with Silverhorse’s objective to deliver transformative efficiencies quickly and reliably based on a pure SaaS model.


“Jake is part of an elite group that not only understands the application of digital transformation but has successfully delivered it too. What’s more, he’s seen it from both sides of the fence – first as Project Director at BHP and more recently as Global Technology Lead at the technology giant, Microsoft. That experience is going to be hugely valuable to our clients, and to Silverhorse as we embark on a transformative chapter in the business.”


“Jake’s vision aligns perfectly with our new strategic direction and he backs it up with a mastery of technical architecture. His extensive executive background and delivery management knowledge indicate that he can bring home any project efficiently and effectively. What stands out the most about his appointment for me is how Jake chose Silvehorse as much as Silverhorse chose him – something that excites me greatly.”


Stride captured his view on Silverhorse like this: “I see AssetHive as the missing link that delivers on the promise of digital transformation. I chose Silverhorse because I can see the opportunity to bring even greater savings to customers with dynamic data in a centralised hub. This world-class technology is unique because it sits on top of existing infrastructure and applications, orchestrating everything. AssetHive becomes the heart, brain and soul of the project and I’m really excited to lead the next generation of digital transformation with this technology. Having seen the challenges from both sides of the fence, I know AssetHive is the missing link to increase velocity, empower front line workers and enable asset savings.”


Silverhorse Technologies is actively disrupting the industry’s understanding of digital transformation, digital twins and static vs. dynamic data. The company’s success to date is seen through multiple case studies with evidence of multi-million-dollar savings, and Jake’s appointment and extensive standing in the technology community only brings more promise for future success.