Maximising the potential of your business with a digital twin: the advantages of not delaying your investment in a digital representation of your operations

In today’s world, businesses must remain agile and evolve, apply capital discipline on all
expenditure, and embed operational savings. Whether it’s staying ahead of the competition or
financing new business models or accelerating energy transition, insights and decisions are being
made at a speed and level of detail unseen just five years ago. To do this, you need a system that can
quickly react to changes, optimize operations, and maximise potential. This is where digital twins will
make or break your success.

A digital twin is a software representation of a complex physical system or process. It can provide
insights into a system’s performance, and can be used to identify areas for improvement, optimize
operations and increase efficiencies. The benefits of having a digital twin are numerous: they can be
used to reduce costs, improve safety, increase customer satisfaction, and more.

digital twin

By investing in a digital twin, you can maximise capital allocation, the potential of your business and
your people. The sooner you invest in a digital twin, the more value it will generate. The longer you
wait, the more you reduce the potential savings that it can provide.

When it comes to digital twins, the earlier you start, the better. You can start as early as when you’re
designing a system such as a plant, or you can start with an existing process. Either way, the value of
a digital twin will compound over time and embed management of change rigour as you test your
scenarios and decisions as you build your real-world assets.

By starting early a digital twin will also increase the fidelity of your decisions and operations. By
having a more accurate representation of your operations, you can better understand performance
and make more informed decisions.

Using a digital twin, you can encapsulate the “secret sauce” of your operations. This includes all the
knowledge, processes, and data that make up your plant as you construct, through to handing over
to operations. By having a digital representation of your operations, you can make sure that your
operations are optimized and running at peak efficiency.

Finally, with a digital twin, you can start small and scale fast. You can start by modelling a small
system or process, and then expand it as you gain confidence. This allows you to trust the model,
have confidence in the data, and scale quickly. You continue to utilise your familiar systems, process
and ways of working, but unlock better insights and information to make better decisions.
Great digital twins need harmonised data from your existing systems, this needn’t be a challenge but
is often where organisations falter at the start. Our Intelligent Data Hub takes away the uncertainty
as can connect your existing portfolio of hardware and software systems, painlessly unlocking the
path to true digital twins.

In conclusion, investing in great digital twins is essential for businesses to maximise their potential.
By starting early, you can ensure that the value of the digital twins compound over time. A digital
twin can help to reduce costs, improve safety, and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, it
can encapsulate your “secret sauce” and increase the fidelity of your operations. Lastly, you can start
small and scale fast, with trust and confidence in the model.

Don’t delay your investment in a digital twin any longer. Start as soon as possible and reap the
rewards. Contact the Silverhorse Technologies team to see how we’ve helped organisations large
and small maximise their return on investment in Digital Twins.