NorthConnex is one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects and will connect Sydney’s Orbital Network to the National Highway route as a way of easing congestion for freight traffic and improving connectivity across NSW as a whole.

The joint venture entrusted with delivering the M1 and M2 link were appointed following the successful unsolicited bid by Transurban. The project also includes State and Federal Government contributions. The role of Silverhorse’s Completions Connect is to support LLBJV in delivering the complete and safe handover of the NorthConnex Project.

Completions Connect does this by integrating the project’s construction and commissioning schedule to provide a clear and auditable link between the schedule and what is being executed. This seamless link allows for efficient replication of work packs which mirror the typical repetitive nature of tunneling projects. It is governed by a construction industry standard QC process which includes the capturing and controlling of witness and hold-points.

“Completions Connect facilitates auditable governance of the project’s progress and simplifies the capture of information.”

It enables knowledge and information sharing between a host of different users throughout the project, partly by tailoring information in a way that everyone can understand and make use of. Staff in the field can use their tablets to send and receive this information through Inspection Connect.

“Very early on in the project we decided we needed to move to an innovative paperless approach for the generation of our quality records,” said Andrew Murray, Quality and Completions Manager for the NorthConnex project. “The solution provided by Silverhorse aligned with our vision for the project by placing an emphasis on data governance. The developed tools provided our team with systems to accurately track installation completeness for payment, production rates and defined project workflows for client approvals.”

Lendlease Senior Quality Engineer, Tim Chng said “Completions and Inspection Connect fit our process innovation requirements. They provided us with the flexibilities to customise their system to meet our project requirements. We were able to increase our productivity by performing our checklist inspections in the field using tablets instead of paper records and directly upload that information into the system.

This provided us with accurate field reports on progress and no lost records. In practice, this saved us a lot of administrative work which would normally be extensive on this type of infrastructure project. The Silverhorse support team proved to be both knowledgeable and prompt in responding to all our requests”.