Have you got what it takes to be a growth hacker at Silverhorse? If you believe in the digital revolution, then here’s the job where you can make it happen!

Do you wake up with crazy ideas to solve your customer’s problems? Does revolutionising the oil and gas sector with a combination of data and creativity sound possible to you, as opposed to nuts?

If you answered yes and yes, then we want to hear from you.

Silverhorse is out to recruit someone to join their team in Perth, Australia with the creativity and entrepreneurial drive to champion our intelligent software that manages large assets around a single source of truth. We’re looking for someone who will actively embrace our agile approach to working, and stop at nothing to get the AssetHive proposition in front of key people in the industry.

Your objective is to ‘light the fire’ about the potential of AssetHive in these people’s heads, and then follow up with the compelling evidence that will consolidate these ideas and lead to further introductions to other people.

Our main goal is to get our low-risk pilot running in one of their large assets.

It doesn’t stop there. Being a growth hacker is also a reconnaissance job that requires initiative and an ability to work independently when required. You will be the one guiding our visibility strategy and tracking down the problems that keep our customers awake at night, so that we can figure out how to solve them.

We don’t care if your background is in digital marketing or engineering – just so long as you believe passionately that the best way to find new customers is by solving their problems better and faster than anyone else.

So what is a growth hacker exactly?

Growth hacking is a lean and agile, data-based approach to growing revenue that does away with the old divisions between sales, marketing and management. It relies on cross-functional teams trying out new ideas and strategies (otherwise known as hacks) that have the potential to solve a pressing problem for the customer, then measuring the results iteratively in order to continuously improve.

Our own spin on growth hacking is informed by our Go Big, Go Fast approach to business. For us, finding scalable, repeatable solutions to our customers’ problems is the key to everything, and it’s done by getting creative minds to collaborate around the best real-time data.

The tech window is open, so get in there!

Digital transformation is already disrupting the oil and gas sector. People have finally grasped that they need to innovate in order to survive. So now’s the time to hit them with our amazing digital solution that is going to deliver them a transformational leap in operational efficiency and improved capital discipline.

AssetHive is a foundational technology that empowers teams to make better decisions around the best real-time data so that they can deliver profit-driving innovation.

It does away with the old, flawed strategy of owner-operators closing their eyes to risk by delegating to EPCs. Instead, AssetHive enables owner-operators to take back control of their valuable data by creating a single source of truth and a repository of knowledge, which EPCs are then mandated to use and nurture.

Because all the best data is available to everybody all the time in real-time, silos are broken down, improving safety and opening the way to innovation and greater operational efficiency.

But the real clincher from the perspective of the owner-operator is that when a contractor walks out the door, they don’t get to take away with them any of the asset’s precious data. It stays exactly where it belongs, in the hands of the owner-operator.

OK, that sounds cool, I want to know more

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